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Growing Tips

It’s Alive!

We’ve worked hard to make the Grow Pillow as natural as possible. As a result, everything loves to grow in and on the Pillow. The breathable open weave burlap and nutrient-rich grow mix attracts nature’s smaller plants. Depending on conditions, algae, moss or mold may make your Pillow come alive with nature’s colors. They won’t harm your plants, but if you don’t like the look of these freeloaders, you can nest your Pillows in a layer of mulch. The mulch blends the Pillow into the look of your garden and helps retain moisture.



Where To Grow 

The Grow Pillow is great in any sunny outdoor spot. We don’t recommend indoor growing because once activated, the Pillow’s organic fertilizer gives off a faint odor that may be unpleasant in enclosed spaces.

The Pillow does best on the ground, allowing aggressive rooting plants to dig and expand, but it will be fine on almost any surface. If you need to protect the surface under your Pillow, or if you are planning to move it during the growing season to follow the sun, place it on a solid base. Round plastic or ceramic trays designed for garden pots work perfectly.

Using Traditional Containers

The Pillow’s food-grade burlap container is a 100% organic product. If you prefer to use our grow mix in your existing or more traditional containers, that’s great. If your container is larger than the Pillow, fill the empty space with your favorite coarse mulch to support the Pillow and let air circulate. Remember, the power of the Pillow is in its unique growing blend. If you recharge your existing containers with the Grow Pillow mix, your plants will love the difference. The combination of coconut fiber, perlite and proprietary fertilizers delivers moisture, air and nutrients better than traditional peat or soil-based potting mixes.




Supporting large and vining plants is easy. If you are using a single stake for support, just drive to into the grow mix, a safe distance from the plant stem, through the bottom of the Pillow into the earth below. To use cages or trellises, simply secure them as you would for traditional containers or in-ground planting.


The grow mix is formulated to retain moisture in an oxygen-rich environment. Most plants thrive in the Pillow with less water than required by traditional potting mixes. Drip irrigation systems are a perfect way to slowly soak water into the Pillow.




The Grow Pillow is versatile. It can be set up vertically or horizontally. The vertical, upright Pillow is ideal for large single plants like tomatoes, peppers or any plant that likes to spread and stretch.

Setting the Pillow on its side creates a larger planting surface. Horizontal set-up is less visually intrusive and can be easily nested in mulch to blend with your gardenscape. This configuration is ideal for groupings of smaller, low growing plants like herbs, lettuce and flowers, but also works well for large single plants.