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About Us

The creators of the Grow Pillow are lifelong gardeners. We love to discover new plants, unconventional growing mixes and unusual containers.

The vision for Grow Pillow began several years ago, when we started to explore the latest innovations in the booming hydroponic and small-scale commercial farming industries. We watched the burgeoning slow food movement gain momentum, as restaurants and health-conscious consumers increased the demand for fresh, local produce.

One innovation that caught our attention was the use of shredded coconut shell fiber (also called Coir) as a growing medium. Coir is a by-product of coconut farming. Unlike peat moss, which is mined, Coir is a renewable resource. Coir is packaged dry and compressed into blocks, making it easy to handle and ship. When rehydrated, Coir expands to four times its compressed size, creating a rich-textured growing substance.

View time-lapse video of Coir expansion.

Impressed with Coir’s potential as a growing mix component, we enlisted the expertise of a horticultural consultant to oversee the development and testing of a Coir-based organic growing system. As test gardens thrived, so did the our enthusiasm. We spent the next 18 months refining the concept, testing containers of various sizes and materials and evaluating dozens of ingredient combinations. The result is the Grow Pillow.

Grow Pillow was tested and refined over 18 months of experimentation. We carefully monitored results from indoor test tents and many outdoor gardens.


We’re proud to share the Grow Pillow products with our fellow gardeners. We hope you enjoy this unique new growing method. Please share your experiences with us. We’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you good growing,

The Grow Pillow Team